Tuesday, 15 January 2013


This is a really simple DIY gift, I gave this to me friend as a moving in present.

What you need: an old chopping board, nails, a hammer, paint and coloured string.

Take your chopping board, I got mine in a charity shop for a pound and paint it whatever colour you want, I just used a tester pot I picked up in wilkinson's, also a pound.

When it's dry mark out a heart shape in pencil on the board. Hammer nails into the board at 1 - 2 cm increments. Leave 1cm of the nail still showing.

Tie the string to the far left nail and start threading evenly up and down moving left to right. Then continue threading the string horizontally until it all looks evenly gridded, I then added some random diagonal lines on top for more depth ( see picture for details ) tying the string to a nail tightly when I was finished.

Bang in the nails a tiny bit more so they look tidy and there you have it a pretty piece for their home or yours. I added hooks and string to the back of mine so I could hang it. I hope you enjoyed and let me know how you did if you tried this at home.


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