Monday, 28 January 2013


I can not be trusted in Boots, its all the beautiful packaging and pretty colours they draw you in with their hints of the next best thing. I honestly only went in to find the perfume I plan to get next, its just so much easier to try them out in Boots rather than the perfume shop, which is where I will probably buy it, my bad, its amour amour incase you were wondering. Anyway as I've gone off subject here, thats exactly what I did in Boots, attention span on a 3 year old me. So I started to look didn't I, then I started to swatch and my hand began to look like a child's colouring book then before I knew it I've bought 2 lip products, 1 nail varnish (it was 3 for 2 what else was I supposed to do? ) a colour tattoo cream pot and a mascara. Now this doesn't seem to bad I suppose until I get home and remember how much makeup I already own, feeling a little bit guilty now, but lets face it there is no way I am taking any of it back so I justify...

My mascara is going to run out at some point and this Maybeline Rocket was on offer now, a whole £2 off. Its coming into spring this Kate Rimmel Lipstick in No. 16 will be perfect for then, its so pretty and nourishing, my lips need this. The same goes for the Rimmel Apocalips in Luna, its amazingly pigmented in a coral colour that brightens my face, I even used this bad boy the very same hour and its still on now. Talking about staying power the Maybeline Colour Tattoo is called Permanent Taupe, talk about something thats gonna last me a long time. The nail varnish isn't something I usually go for but i'm glad I did its such a subtle pink its perfect for the transition into spring. 

I bet your wondering why I only said 2 lip products earlier, thats because the 3rd one is actually from Primark, now this was an impulse buy and at £1.50 I admit I was weak. This product does remind me a bit to much of a felt-tip pen and I'm not just talking about the smell but it stays on and I think it could be a really good base I just hope it doesn't burn my lips off, fingers crossed.  I hope you enjoyed this post.


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