Thursday, 24 January 2013


Cleaning your makeup brushes is one of my worst beauty habits, in the fact that I don't tend to do it as much as I should. Doing it today though was very therapeutic, maybe it was because I was putting off writing my dissertation, who knows. Using baby shampoo worked wonders, it lathers up really nice, isn't to harsh on my brushes which is good seeing as it has to go on baby's heads and all that. I was very impressed as this was the first time I used baby shampoo to do this, I had always used brush shampoo from elf before but I wont be doing that again as this works so much better. I found a really handy drying place for all my brushes. This is just a box i keep my hair products in and its perfect because it doesn't make the brushes go all misshapen which happens when there left on a flat surface and I cant have that happening to my real techniques babies. I hope you found this helpful and will post again soon.


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